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Why Things Collapse

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Maybe they weren’t meant for us in the first place. The old sayings, “everything happens for a reason” and “everything works out for the best”, is what we hold on to. Our human aspect has to believe in something in those moments. The thought that it was right for us and it crumbled anyway doesn’t make any sense. If it was supposed to work, it would have. Right?

The lesson in these moments is not that it collapsed. The thought that it was not meant to be is comforting, but after a series of missteps and similar traumatic events, it leaves us with questions. It seems like we switch out one situation for another and get the same results. Does that mean nothing is meant for us? Why do we plug in different faces and end in the same place?

The truth is these things were meant for us, orchestrated by our exquisite creation. But not for the reasons that we think. They were here to teach us a lesson but not the superficial ones. It was not because we didn’t do the human things right. These items were not removed because they were not right for us. These things faded because we were blind to the energy that created them. Our actions don’t really matter once we start playing the game. We lose before the game starts. The only lesson, don’t try to beat the game.

Any reality we create is either karmic or soul aligned. Karmic realities will always equal the human game. They are one and the same. Soul aligned realities don’t adhere to the same rules as the karmic ones. How do we tell the difference? If we or anyone else enter into a reality that has any need attached to it, it’s karmic. It is over before it starts. The timeline might take a while to play out, depending on how long we chose to stay there, but it will play out. And there we are again with another lesson to learn from.

The problem is our human aspect really doesn’t learn. Our higher aspects will all ways push us toward higher aligned realities. In a since, each situation is an upgrade over the previous one. That can be the challenging part. They feel a little different but that is the mastery of the game. The reason we enter into the realities is where we need to focus. If we are not entering into a situation from our purist place, we lose.

Vigilance is our only ally to exit the game of karmic realities. Our feelings about the reality are all that matters. Why are we entering it in the first place? Is there fear involved? Do we feel like we have no other choice? Are we making the decision based on money? Do we have our own agenda? The energy behind why we are there will tell us all we need to know. We need to be conscious of every decision we make. It is pure or it is not. It is that simple. If the answer is no, we close out the entire reality and skip the lesson. Remember the game only works when there are players to play it.


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