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Waiting On The World To Change

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We wait on the world to change. Then it does. Sometimes the shifts seem small. They almost go unnoticed by our physical eyes. One moment quietly dissolves into the next. They some how seem easier. The small moments aren’t as life altering. At least it’s our human perception that they are not. In some ways, we want the big change. The one that up roots things. At least we think we do. Until it comes. Then we long for the past. We long for what was. Even though we wanted to be impacted by something. When it comes our human struggles.

Once it’s over, it’s over. That is true for all moments. We never experience the same thing twice. We don’t repeat them. We might see another version of them. They are never exactly the same. They all have their own song. Their own cadence. They can’t be the same because we are not the same. We write the storyline for every experience. We give it identity. We make it real. Without us there is no story. There is no form.

We can say we welcome change but we don’t. Our human doesn’t really want anything to change. If we had wanted the change, it would have happened more organically. We have to be forced into the big changes. We have to see no other way. That is the way of the human. Our human loves what appears to be different but is the same. It’s comfort zone never shifts. It stays close to its beacon. What ever that is.

What do we do when the big change comes? Do we hold on tight? Probably the wrong answer. Do we let go? Probably the scarier answer. It has been said that time waits for no man. Well neither does change. Many of us wanted the world to change. Well now it has. This collective clearing and upshift will send shock waves for many moments to come.

Why didn’t we embrace it? Why didn’t we welcome it? Perhaps because we didn’t like the reality that created the shift. We didn’t like the sudden cease and desist of the old. We never want the bone chilling changes. That is not what we dreamed of at night. That is not the happily ever after that we imagined.

The realities that push our fear to the forefront are not the ones we wanted. We don’t want to go deeper inside. Those are not the ones we called forth. Those are the ones that called to us. They are the ones we have to experience. They assist us in understanding what we really want to experience. Even if it is the path of least resistance to our dreams, we resist it. We don’t like the circumstances of the shift. We wanted a different backdrop. Change in many ways is scarier than death. The latter you don’t actually live through.

Change is normally invisible to us. It’s lurking energetically all around. It calls us home. It forces our hand. Then we have the choice. Do we go all in? Do we fold? It came for a reason. It’s not going away. Change will always come. Its what we do in those moments that define us. It calls on us to be bigger and brighter than we ever thought possible. Will we let others write this story or will we pick up the pen?

Nothing last forever. That is not the cruelty of life. That is the kindness of it.


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