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About Annette

I have always had a passion for understanding why things happen the way they do. Is there a hidden hand behind the curtain pulling us in one direction or another? As my life experiences, good and bad, started piling up, answering this question became more important. In 2013, I decided to embark on a journey to find clarity to the reasons behind my life experiences. Let's face it. I had created those realities for some reason. It was time to understand why.

My journey has gone through much iteration over the years. I studied numerous theories of energy consciousness, dreams, and spirituality. I went down a few rabbit holes, discovered I could do some awesome stuff, and changed my way of thinking a few times over. I realized that what my human "needed" was never my highest aligned path. I remembered so much along the road to enlightenment. I watched one phase of the journey quietly fade as another began. All in all, it lead me to teach what I had learned and share my experiences of the power of awareness.

The journey within is our most important one. We will have opportunities to "go" within willing. Normally, we don't take those routes. We wait for something "traumatic" to push us inside. The moment comes for all of us. It will challenge us. It will change us.

My road less traveled has not been smooth for my human aspect. It has been powerful, though. I am excited to see what awaits me and would be honored to assist in your journey.


"We Are Always The Catalyst to The Shift."

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