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The Wall

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Our human aspect hits the wall. Most of the time we don’t even know why. It seems there are no other options. What would happen if we turned around? We don’t even concede that’s a choice. If we stopped fighting, something would change. That’s the inevitable outcome that keeps us from turning around.

The sands of time constantly shift. The winds of change will always blow. Change comes, no matter what. Some things are inevitable. The physical world will not stand still, no matter how hard we try to put a pin in it. It’s not designed to. Our physical world was not designed by our human. Our human plays the game but it never was the mastermind. Our soul/higher aspects run the board.

The outside world moves because our human won’t. The human plants its feet letting the walls close in or in most cases on top of it. Even when we are standing in a pile of rubble, we still hold on to the memory of what it was. Or what it could have been. That for the human is a victory.

Our higher aspects will let the human play and redirect when necessary. We end up in the same place. The only thing our ego does is increase the playing time. If we wait for the course corrections, we will have more bruises to show for our efforts or lack thereof.

The human would say we were tough. It will convince us that we “fought the good fight.” Battling against our life plan is not the “good fight.” It’s ironic that anything we had to struggle though never seemed worth much in the end. History glorifies the battle not the spoils of war.

There will never be a prize or a trophy to hold up. No victory dance to speak of. We always lose when we fight. The rougher the road the faster the human will march down it. No way to win. No reason to stay. The only thing gained is the story. The legend of the fight.

Our higher aspects will call on us to do uncomfortable things. It will test our limits and push us to what we fear the most. The difference is the road only becomes rocky when we refuse to yield our human agenda. At that point, we want the recognition of being the survivor, victim or fighter. There is some type of “honor” in that.

If we drop our fist, where’s the honor in that? No one ever said “when the going gets tough, we stop fighting.” We are conditioned to call that quitting. In a way, it is. When we quit the human’s logic, the drama goes with it. Other paths open up.

We have all slammed our head against a wall. There’s no shame in that. We had to make sure the wall wouldn’t yield. Now we know it doesn’t. The wall is there for a reason. The question is when will we learn to turn around. The road to conscious creation is not paved with walls. It’s a yellow brick road. It’s easy to find. If we can face our biggest fear of all, turning away from the wall.


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