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Judging the Judged

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Judgement is a waste. A fruitless endeavor that creates nothing. No one enjoys being judged but on some level we all participate. It’s a race to the finish. We focus on others to remove the optics from ourselves. That’s the paradox of judgement. The game with no winner. The circle with no end. The grenade with no pin. The bark with no bite. The smoke screen that covers nothing. A void of epic proportions.

Judgement is as thin as tissue paper. We know when we do it. We know when it’s directed at us. It’s a distraction. It redirects us to another person’s story, that our human feels entitled to be part of.

Our human convinces us that someone/something is “wrong.” That it’s someone else’s issue. It’s not. It’s our issue. We can’t judge if we don’t hold judgement energy. That includes self judgement. We feel we have the right to tell others how they should be. Our human runs many programs. Judgement is merely one of them. It runs deep though every cell of our body. Even if we make a conscious effort not to “judge” others we “judge” ourselves. We judge our own creations by not sharing them. We hold back. We draw first blood.

Our human aspect doesn’t like to makes its own choices. It doesn’t push forward. What’s a life without judgement? It’s the real freedom to create whatever reality we wish. It’s having no expectations of what should be done. There is no noise. No pressure. No voice saying, we are not good enough. We choose to put ourselves out there.

We only pay attention to what “moves” us. What shows us the safety nets we have in place. The limits we have created. When we share our creations, it comes from a place of abundance inside. Judgement doesn’t. Its duality in its clearest form. There is only one perspective when judgement energy weighs in.

Our soul knows there is never one side of anything or anybody. Our realities our infinite and fluid. We have been everything and done everything. We have played every role in every movie. From that perspective, it’s hard to judge anything, knowing that we have had our hand in everything. There is no timeframe on releasing judgement from out cellular memory. No end point to take note of. Only the acceptance on where people are and respect for their personal journey. If we judge someone else’s journey then we are energetically saying that ours is “wrong” also. That is why we are seeking validation though judgement. We want someone to say we are on the “right” road.

We all do what we are suppose to do. Every action we take has been predetermined. No matter our part in the play, the script was written a long time ago. Our role was cast. The aspect we play it from is our choice. There are many times when we feel the die is cast. That might be true. But that doesn’t mean we have to judge the game or our fellow players.


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