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When the New Comes Rushing In

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It’s like a tidal wave. It feels so overwhelming when a new timeline begins. Especially the ones we start ourselves. Yes, there is a sense of excitement. There is also a sense of trepidation. Was the old timeline that bad? It wasn’t that it was bad. It was that we outgrew it. It was time for it to be done. There is a place inside that knows that. A switch turned on or perhaps an old switch turned off. A new code activated. That doesn’t change the fear, though. Especially when we make the big jumps.

Everything morphs and shifts around our vibration. If we change vibrations and hold them long enough everything around us shifts. People, places and things are materializing and dematerializing out of our reality. Our frequency changed. We upgraded. That means the outside world needs to upgrade also. That’s the way it works. That’s the way it has always worked. Except now we don’t wait for the old stuff to collapse on top of us. We see the signs. We know when a timeline is winding down.

Sometimes it feels like waiting for water to boil. It doesn’t happen overnight. It can take years and constant dedication. The raising in vibration is the first stage. The second stage is to hold it. The holding part can be challenging for our human aspect. It can take years for the process to complete, for the road map to be redrawn. It’s like a new road appears on the map. In our old vibration, it was not there. Now it is.

It took 3 years before I encountered by big shifts. That doesn’t mean things were stagnate over the years. People would come in and out at a rapid pace. Old friends were gone overnight. In a sense, my entire life had rearranged. All levels of my existence had been brought into a new frequency. Nothing looked the same from when I started my deep dive. People and things were sacred but they held no attachment for me anymore. I appreciated them but I didn’t fixate to them. They mattered in a different way.

Aligning our life on a soul level takes time. My human aspect watched in horror as my finances got realigned. Funny, my human watched in confusion as all things got realigned. It was surprising to me that none of my life had really been aligned on a soul level. It had revolved around outside things for validation. It was all backwards. Although many things had changed through the years, one had not changed, where I lived. It had gone through a few iterations but the actual location had remained the same. Until I knew it couldn’t anymore.

How did I know? It wasn’t inspiring anymore. The little things started to bother me. The noise of the neighbors. The smallness of the space. I started to feel cramped. There wasn’t that much actual “stuff” in my house but it felt too small. It was a suit that didn’t fit anymore. It became clear that no amount of alteration was going to make it fit again. That time was over. It could not energetically support where I had gone.

Nothing was flowing. The timeline felt hard and flat. Everything seemed to be challenging. I knew I had to move if I wanted to continue my expansion. The timeline was going to end one way or another. It was time for me to take the reins of the horse and sell my house. That contract was complete. It was time to step into the unknown.

I felt like the Fool in the Tarot. It was time for a new adventure. I had been working toward this for years. It was finally here. I had climbed so far that it was time for a location shift. That had never happened to me before. How did I know I was making the right choice? The new timeline flowed easily. My house was on the market and sold in days. Before I knew it, I had to find a new space.

It had to be perfect. It was so important to find the right space. This would support the next phase. Would I be in this space for 6 months, 12 months or 18 months? I didn’t know. I had to trust that the right space would be there. Once I cleared the fear around the newness of the timeline it came right in. It felt big. This space knew it was supposed to support me. And it knew I was supposed to support it.

We always think things are not happening because of someone else. In some cases, things have to line up with the readiness of others. But from my perspective it was always me holding me back. I would hold the reins to tight. I would not want to let go and see what would happen. The Fool in the Tarot looks happy but I was never one to “run away with the circus.” Maybe it was my time too.

Soul embodiment is a yard sale. Everything that is not vibrationally aligned must go. If not, we hold ourselves back. That’s when the suffering comes. We hold ourselves back from the things that would make us so happy and we don’t even know it. We are so afraid of what is behind the curtain that we stay in a corner. We tell ourselves that it’s a great corner. But it’s a corner, limited in vision and expansion. The moral of my story, if one path is not working don’t be afraid to walk down another. Even if that means a big shake up. The road less traveled my might not be as bumpy as we think.


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