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Shared Dreaming: Cracking the Dream Code

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Two people in different areas dream a dream. In this existence, they would be labeled as friends. In other levels of perception, they would be labeled as members of the same soul family. The identifying factors don’t matter in the dream web we are about to weave. The true essence of the dream world is not remembered by most. Many have forgotten the vast connectedness available there. No matter the level of importance we place on the dream state, it shows everything. The trick is learning to crack the code.

Our first dreamer begins her experience in a movie theater. A man she knew was meeting his family there. She witnessed this family sitting down to watch the movie Apocalypse Now. Then the scene shifts. This movie was not for the dreamer to watch. The dreamer is now on a small bus traveling through the country side. At some point, the dreaming becomes lucid to the dream experience. “Where am I?” This question the dreaming would ask of a man standing on his porch with his shirt off in the summer sun. “I am not sure. You will need to ask Lord Chamberlain.” The dreamer with her cat trailing behind went off to find Lord Chamberlain. Another man was encounter who directed her to the target. Lord Chamberlain was a man of small stature, dressed in medieval clothing, with braces on his legs. He ran below into a cave like structure. The dreamer with no fear followed, calling to her companion. “Come on kitten, baby Erik will be looking for us.” The lucid dreamer wakes up with the last remembrance of entering the cave.

Our second dreamer begins her experience walking up wooden stairs to visit our first dreamer. Excitement filled her as she knocked on the door. The friend answers with a warm smile and glowing white room behind her. The second dreamer sees cats! They are everywhere. Her friend reassures her there is no need for alarm. The dreamer is confused. There are so many things going on with her friend that she had not known. A dog and a baby join them in the room. The dreamer notes 15 cats but knows there are more. They are moving too quickly for an accurate count. The friend needed someone to watch the baby. The dreamer volunteered and watched as her friend climbed into a yellow sports car and drove off. The dreamer remembered that her friend said she was happy. She also had an impression that the dog and baby were males though they were never identified as such. In the dream, she felt angry at her friend for not telling her about her new life. The dreamer wakes and wonders if she should be paying more attention to her friend.

Both dreams had impacted the dreamers. On the surface, the dreams seemed not related. Upon closer examination there was an interesting connection, the number 15. Apocalypse Now was released in theaters on August 15, 1979. The dreams felt connected to each other. Each one revealing something to the other person. Each dreamer knowing that as the days passed their relevancy would become clearer. Why was a seemingly happy family watching a movie filled with longings of home, death, and dishonor? What was the message from Lord Chamberlain? What was the secret to her friend’s new found happiness?

Sharing our dream experiences can feel strange. It’s opening a window to the deepest parts of ourselves and becoming transparent. That can seem intrusive at first. It can also stretch our mind and allow us to see things that might have gone unnoticed. We should enjoy hearing about our appearances in someone else’s dream. It tells us a lot about our state of consciousness. Dreams are linear and nonlinear at the same time. The most obvious message can seem obscured. The more we share our experiences the clearer the connection becomes. The dream code might not be as elusive as perceived. Sometimes a simple adjustment in perception can reveal the message in the bottle.


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