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Our Intuition Speaks

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Intuition is a creature all to itself. It is the deepest part of us. It tells us things that no one else would, pointing us toward the path to greatness. Intuition speak in many ways, sending us messages through many mediums. First it whispers softly in our dream state, providing us with knowledge of different options that are available to us. It quietly brings us the insights, urges and revelations of what course we should set. These are the inner impression of intuition at work, spiking our imagination and flooding us with the unlimited potentials that are possible.  If we are not listening, intuition raises its voice, utilizing our outer world to get the point across.

All of a sudden, we are hearing the same song on the radio. Personalized license plates, snippets of a stranger’s conversation, and words on billboards start to grab our attention.  Most often we are not seeing the similarities in the messaging. We might know that we are in a relationship with someone who is not in alignment with our true self. We know the path we are on is heading for nowhere. It is in those moments of complete honest, we look up and see a license plate that says “Oil and Water.” Bingo. What a coincidence? Sometimes we forget the universal law that there are no coincidences.  Intuition is trying to grab our attention. The more we ignore the knock at the door, the louder in gets. Until eventually, the door gets knocked down.

Most of the time the crossroads in our lives are not that memorable. In fact, they did not look like crossroads roads at all. We can look back at some of our bigger moments realizing that most feed our human ego and not are soul desires. The moments that we stood in integrity, respect, and honor from a deep place inside of us, are normally not the page turning moments in our life. It is the soft moments, the present moments that make the difference. The moments we centered ourselves and understood with perfect clarity the next steps to take, defined us. The question was if we had harnessed enough of our inner power to execute them.

It really does not matter if we did or did not. For in those moments, when intuition had played its last cards and we refused to listen, we ended up regretting it.  These are the lessons of life.  We dust ourselves off, stand up and promise to honor the message the next time. The funny part is, unbeknownst to us in those moments, another part of ourselves is awakened. This baby self is here to help us along the journey now. If only we could see the entire plan, we might have more trust in the direction to head.

Intuition is are truest friend. No matter how many times we ignore its wishes, ideas and advice, its stays with us.  It is like marriage through the years. Some moments we feel so connected and in others so abandoned. We see others flow effortlessly through life and feel like our intuition is betraying us.  But we stay together for better or worse, decoding and trusting the messages as best we can. 

Sometimes we feel we are following bread crumbs, not sure of the final destination. That is the point.  It takes attention and intention to strengthen our relationship with our intuition. There is never regret in this type of commitment, because we are developing a sacred relationship with ourselves. A relationship that will propel us in ways we could never imagine. When we are ready for that level of commitment, we call on our trusted ally and tune into the awareness that lies there.


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