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Intuition: Why We Ignore It?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Valid question, isn’t it? We know something feels wrong but we do it anyway. We put our hand up so the red flags flying in front of us are not so glaringly obvious. Why do we fear the truth? At its core  that’s what intuition is: the truth of our soul. It’s the true being of what we are. It has the road map to show us the path of least resistance. But still we look the other way, not understanding why.

Fear is a loaded word. We feel like saying it self-creates it. The question is, do we fear intuition itself or the messages that is brings? The messages can be daunting for us. Intuition can be the unwanted house guest highlighting all things in our life that don’t belong there. The parts not in alignment with our highest states of consciousness. Listening would mean changing things, perhaps big things. Our partners, friends and jobs would all be on the table for review. Are we ready for that? Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. It’s coming anyway. We will always be moved to higher states of consciousness. The path is the choice, not the destination.

Intuition doesn’t go away if we ignore it. That’s what makes it so brilliant. The pathway to the messages might become muddled over time. But it’s still there, waiting for us to tune back in. Don’t fear the messenger. Our connection with our intuition is paramount. The message could be viewed as secondary in some ways. The message will get through in the end. We can’t run from ourselves. The knock at the door will get louder and the lessons will get tougher especially if we bar the door.

All in all the end game is the same. We make the journey tougher if we ignore the path intuition is trying to show us. Wouldn’t it be nicer to listen to the wisdom we possess? That way we can see where we are going and the people that will support us on the way. Don’t fear the things left behind. Other things will replace them. They aren’t right for us anyway and deep down we know it.  Remember, everything seemed scary before we tried it. Intuition is no exception. The time of avoidance is over. The time for opening up and listening is upon us.


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