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Why We Give Our Power Away?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Perhaps it’s because we don’t think we deserve it.  Having complete responsibility of our universe can be a little daunting. We would have no one to blame if things go sideways. The victim mentality would be obsolete. The only person we could point a finger at would be ourselves. We would reign as supreme ruler over all situations in our life.  Situations that did not make us happy would be obliterated by a wave of our hand. There would be no more compromising and taking less then we deserve. The days of placating others would be over. This reality sounds awesome.  What are we waiting for?

No more being unhappy about our life situations. No more waiting for our realities to abruptly align themselves.  A zero tolerance policy on all things disrespectful, dishonorable and dishonest.  The idea sounds intriguing at first.  Upon closer inspection, it might seem like more work than reward. Many of us have spent decades building realities that are not based on empowering principals. Years of listening to others, compromising and ignoring ourselves can create quite a mess. Where do we even start the cleanup process? Would it be easier to run away, change our name and start again?

That is the reality of being creator of our  world.  We have to own it. We have to own all of it. Even the parts that appear icky when we glance at them. In truth, the past doesn’t exist anymore. The future is being created from this moment. Neither of them matter, we can mark both as irrelevant. The only moment we have to align is the current one. That takes some of the pressure off.  We can start simple, taking our power back in one situation. That might mean we stop listening to other people. They don’t live in our world. They live in theirs. They really have no idea what is going on in our inner world. Why did we even ask their opinion?

We fear accountability, failure and judgment. If we start living our life from our highest place inside and allow others the space to do the same, what would happen?  We might find true peace for the first time.  Empowering ourselves does not mean our entire reality is ripped away. It’s quite the opposite. We go forward, leaving behind the realities that did not fit. The more we go forward, the easier it is to embrace our true power.

Some might say we run a tight ship. That’s true. We require a lot from people.  Others might say that we are rocking the boat. Once we become the captain of our ship, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. If they want to catch up with us they will. Remember, we can’t speak English and Spanish at the same time.  It’s one or the other. We either take full accountability for our reality or we don’t. One foot in both worlds doesn’t last for long.  We created it. It’s time to embrace our power and take responsibility for it.


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