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Who Knows Me Better

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

No one knows us better than we know ourselves. Sometimes that’s true. Other times it’s not. It might seem like an odd concept. How can anyone know me better than I know me? Can others view into a part of me that I can’t see? The answer depends on the question. There are somethings we can’t see. All of us have had a tower moment. We had to experience something that on some level was bigger than us. It was bigger than our human. At the time, we didn’t want it. It was not something we would have consciously agreed to participate in. It came anyway and, in its wake, we saw something we couldn’t see before.

Our soul agreed to the experience. The agreements were drafted a long time ago in a higher state of consciousness. Until we reach those places inside of us, we don’t really know ourselves. Others do know us better. There is an old adage, “when the student is ready the teacher appears.” The teacher is us. Other aspects of us. We take many forms as we go through our journey. People appear to show us what we have the capability to be. At the time, they felt like a hindrance. It was like they were blocking us from what we truly wanted. In hindsight, we realize they showed us the distortions in what we wanted.

No one gets a trophy in the game of life. There are no rewards that are comparable to all that we tackle. That’s where our human derails. It keeps looking for the trophy that would make us feel like we had won. That the game was over and we could take our victory lap. The only victors in the game are the ones that can step outside of it. Transcending the game of life would solve all the emptiness that it leaves.

That is where others come in. They know us on a deeper level. Their soul knows our soul on a level that words can’t describe. Most of them, don’t operate from that level in their daily life. But it doesn’t matter. For they are here to show us, no matter the actions, how vast we are. Others show us what gets in our way of living from that deep place. They help us clear distortions and illuminate situations that we could not see prior to their arrival. They are the hidden hand behind the curtain. They are our ally.

Eventually, others don’t know us better. We get to a place of soul alignment where our human is not in charge anymore. That is when we know ourselves. When we can look at others and understand the role they play and consciously choose our participation in the exchange. Others show us what we shouldn’t do. Until we learn what we should do. Then the roles change. No one is more conscious then the next person. Some open themselves up to the experience of awareness. While others choose to show us where we are still dimming our light. Both play critical roles, especially when we choose to go off road, in the game of life.


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