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The Purpose Others Serve

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

People serve many roles in our unique stories. They play the villain, victim and savior simultaneously. They bring out the best and worst of us, mirroring back our brilliance and distortions all at the same time. They trigger our emotions to show us what we hold inside. Are we angry, sad, happy, unworthy, disappointed or merely afraid? The relationships we establish and participate in show us a lot about ourselves. Whether others are making us angry or pulling on our heart strings, the result is the same, emotions are triggered for release.

Why do they trigger so many emotions? There is never one answer to this type of question. A million reasons exist as to why emotions are triggered by certain individuals. It is as if they were granted permission to do so. Permission is an odd word choice. Did we really give them permission to do that? Did we agree to that? Of course, we did. That is the point. We ask people to trigger those emotions for the purpose of releasing them from our body. The emotions can cloud our connection with ourselves. They block us in many ways from connecting within. We create situations and people to assist us in clearing the blocks. How cool is that?

If we take an honest look at every major shakeup in our lives, we will find one common thread. An emotional reaction and release that brought us to the brink of despair or to the peak of euphoria. The emotional release was the point. It was never the person, place, or thing. We attach the emotion to that person, place, or thing but it really has nothing to do with them. They were the catalyst. On a soul level, they were fulfilling an agreement that was veiled from our human eyes. Their job was done. The mission was successful.

Why then do we keep repeating the emotional triggers? The simple answer is we don’t. There is a lot of emotions to clear from our bodies. Once we disband the concept of time, we understand that we are not clearing emotions from one existence. We are clearing emotions from all of our existences. In a sense, we are not clearing the same emotions again. We are clearing on a deeper level. It can seem daunting but once we realize what we are doing, we can approach it from an empowered state.

Clearing on cellular levels is a task that we all agreed to undertake. Sometimes we can clear without others. Sometimes we can’t. We can only clear what comes into our awareness. People enable us to see things that were buried inside. They take us deeper. Perception is our true partner in these cases. It allows us to see what energies are present for release. That is when the biggest shifts occur. We finally own the entire experience, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Ownership of our entire story is the goal. Which includes ownership of the parts we have played in someone else’s story. Appreciation is the emotion we eventually reach. Appreciation for them and the plot lines they contributed too. We can then rewrite the stories. Now the villain is transformed into the hero, history is magically rewritten. Then it’s time to turn the page to our next story with increased clarity and connection.


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