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The Many Aspects of Me

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I was surprised there was so many of me. When I first explored the multidimensional concept, it seemed bizarre. How could I have so many other aspects of myself? I was me. How could there be more of me? If I embraced these “other” aspects of me, would I still be me? These questions and many more whizzed though my head like a carnival ride. How could all of these energies logically fit together? Once again, this journey called for me to throw logic out the proverbial window.

Any aspect I could imagine existed. Mermaids, fairies and unicorns represented magical aspects of me. Whereas angelic aspects showed me how much love I could hold. In my dreams, I could see the many faces of me. I had no idea how big I was. The amount of knowledge I could tap into was immense. The light bulbs went on.

The higher aspects of me had always been there, floating around. They felt like lost parts of my soul, fractured aspects that couldn’t exist in my human body. It made sense why they floated around outside of me. There wasn’t a lot of room inside. There was so many ego programs and distortions taking up all the space. My ego kept creating distraction after distraction. I was too busy to think about those other parts of me. Then the time came when I heard a different voice. It was time to find the missing pieces of me. In that moment, it was probably out of a need for survival. It was time to find myself both literally and figuratively.

People showed me the many aspects of myself. In the beginning, I had so many diverse types of people around. Some of those individuals I loved to hate. They played the villain in so many of my stories. Then the curtain dropped and I realized that they were me. These souls showed me the parts of me I hated. The parts I was embarrassed to say I held inside. They served as my mirror and my match. As I went through my process, people started to disappear. It was like a cosmic dance. As I embodied new aspects, new people appeared or different versions of people emerged. I stated to use people as a marker as soul embodiment continued. They were acting as a cheat sheet, my personal progress report.

Sorting through our aspects is like herding cats. All of them have a voice. Some merely wanted to be recognized and transcended while others required full embodiment. Even my ego aspects needed to be heard. How else could I transcend them? I had to make room for the purer parts of me. There was only so much room at the inn.

No one can prepare us for what we see when the blinders come off. I once thought no one knew me better then I knew myself. On one hand, that was true. On the other, I had no idea how vast I was. Embodying our higher aspects and transcending others is profound. We find the “need” for others diminishes. Who would have thought the many pieces of me would provide so much company? There were times that I seemed like a hot mess. A new recipe that had gone awry. Then it melted together.

The question of would I still be me was answered. Although my quest continues, I am still me. I merely function from a purer space. I was the real me. The one not tainted by ego programming and energies of turmoil or drama. In the case of soul embodiment, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, much greater.


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