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The Blank Space

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Sometimes there is nothing. It all seems gone. There is no whisper on the wind. No hidden hand behind the curtain pointing in any specific direction. Dreams are allusive too. It feels like the connection has been lost. It’s an eerie feeling when all is quiet inside. Even thoughts that kept us occupied seem to scurry though our consciousness without leaving a footprint. It feels like no one is home. How can this be? How can we feel so unattached? This space is new. A place of nothingness that we somehow ended up in. A blank space where nothing gets our attention, inspires or excites us. Our internal compass feels broken. We feel like we are flying blind.

Are we really operating without a map? Flying blind? It might seem that way but rest assured nothing has been lost. The map is changing. We are rewriting it with new awareness. That’s why connecting back to the old realities don’t feel the same. The vibration is off. They don’t resonate anymore. They are no longer a destination on our map. They have in some ways been erased from our internal template. Only existing if we choose to recreate them. Why would we do that? They weren’t that inspiring to start with. They filled space on our map because we needed an experience from them. Once we have had the experience why revisit them? It’s like watching the same movie over and over again. Why waste the time when we know how it ends?

What happens next? Does our internal GPS take us off the grid and change the route? That is exactly what it does. It plots new experiences to match our upgraded awareness. The more we expand our consciousness, the more we rewrite the map. It morphs and changes as we do. The speed of which is changes depends on us. How fast are we willing to race into higher states of consciousness? We can meander through our life and stay with the same map for decades or we can quickly alter the course. The choice is ours.

During this upgrade process, everything will feel off. This state makes things feel surreal. There is no clear cut path to take. Nothing stands out as the next logical thing to do. It can last for hours or it can last for months. It might seems like nothing is happening but trust that things are shaping up. It can feel odd to ask yourself a question and hear crickets. Especially, when we are use to receiving some type of answer. Even if we didn’t like the answer we got. Understanding the purpose of this space is the key. We are reworking our internal mapping, changing our vibrational signal. We can’t bring forth new amazing experiences unless this process takes place. The time to strap on our boots will come soon enough, enjoy the quiet place. It doesn’t last forever.


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