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The Big Shifts

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I sat on my floor this morning and reviewed my life. I couldn’t decide if it was a love story, drama or tragedy. I guess the answer would be all of the above. There have been moments when I felt it was divinely orchestrated by my highest aspects. It moved and flowed in perfect rhythm. I requested something and it was there. People came in and out with a sense of purpose and mission. Some story lines felt completed while others never really did. But in the midst of the organized chaos, there seemed a weird direction to it all.  

Then we hit the moment that shakes us up, The bump in the road. We have all experienced the bumps and normally we never saw them coming. They looked like another point in our story. But they were bigger than that. They would later be defined as the game changers. The moments that made us shift our perception. Sometimes, the purpose of those bumps is visible years later, once we clear the emotion of the moment. It doesn’t have to be though.

Which leads me back to why I was sitting on my floor this morning, looking for my misstep. Misstep is a harsh word but in those moments, we tend to be hard on ourselves. The ego wants to blame someone and who better than ourselves. It is part of the process.

But once we move through that energy clarity often comes.

The energy of change is funny. We say we are ready but when it comes, we start grabbing on to anything that looks familiar. We want the change without anything actually changing. We have been sabotaging our self all along.

What did I learn from today? The bump is there because we have resistance to something. The bump shows us where it is. The biggest shifts come when we let go of everything. The ego mind will tell us our reality is ending. That is true. That reality is ending. I needed to sit on the floor this morning to ask myself an important question. How hard was I going to hold on to that old reality? Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

Personally, my life review was a little boring. None of it mattered anymore. The quest for the shift was the driving force. When it’s time to break the energy of a reality, we know it. Today was my time. When is yours going to be?


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