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Sorting Through Realities

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

The moment we realize there is not one specific reality is a defining moment. It takes the pressure off the one we are currently participating in. Especially if the one we are entertaining is not fun anymore. Realities are funny things. They take many twists and turns as we meander through them. They sometimes get so distorted we forget why we created them in the first place. Which leads to the epiphany that changes everything. We can close them down anytime we desire. That is the beauty of creation.

Scientist and the linear world will tell us that matter can not be created nor destroyed. Whether we believe this or not is a topic for another day. One thing we can agree on is that matter can change from one form to another. Our realities are not fixed and they never define us. They are but a marker in time of our current state of consciousness. As we change our state of consciousness our realities unravel and morph into something else. We can wait for the process of nature attrition to take place, watching complacently as the sun sets on different phases of our life. On the surface, that path seems the easiest but it only drags things out and creates discomfort.

Disinclination is not an empowered state. It does not propel us forward to the next reality with excitement and vitality. Instead it leaves us longing for what could have been and analyzing where we went wrong. It takes us to the energy of not good enough, judgement and blame. Although that space has its purpose, when it is time to flip the script, we know it. We understand that closing down a distorted reality is not a mistake but our responsibility. We know where those realities end up. Why go through the journey when we know the destination is merely another bump in the road?

If we can instantly clear the current reality and move to the next one, why don’t we? The answer is a simple one. We get attached to the outcome of the reality and the people playing in it. Even though we know the vibration of our current reality doesn’t support the end game we desire. Our ego mind will tell us that this is our only shot at what we want. The mind games can be immense at times. In our hearts we will know better. Intuitively we know there is ALWAYS another reality. A reality that will flow with ease and grace.

Settling for lesser versions of a reality never works.  That is a fool’s game. Shutting down a reality is not the easiest thing to do. However, it is the loving thing to do. Sometime we open up a new reality with the same people. Other times we see new faces rushing in to participate. In the end, the faces don’t really matter. We energetically demanded more. We looked at our options and knew there were higher timelines available and we jumped. After all, if we don’t hold the highest energetic standards in place, who will?


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