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Seeing Through Our Realities

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

We created all of them. From the moment they were born to the moment they died, we had a cord attached to them. They filled a need for us. Whether we wanted love, recognition, validation, or acceptance our realities were there for us. No matter the level of unhappiness they brought us. We would stay with them. Some started happy but later shifted. The illusions dissolved and we were left to create something else. In our mind, they were our identity. They defined us. They gave us purpose. A sense of who we were. The ironic part was, out of all the things we got from them, there was one thing we never established with them, ownership.

We created realities and refused to take accountability for. Sure, we would take credit for them when they seemed to be “successful.” We got the relationship. We got the promotion. We got the house. We judged the success of the reality based on the things it gave us. In the end, that seems empty. Oddly enough, even our most “successful” realities did not last. They dissolved eventually becoming a story we told, validating ourselves on what we use to be. The merry go round goes around and around. Realities would come and go. We create them, watch them play out and watch them fall apart. Leaving us with the question as to why they didn’t last.

Eventual we come to the realization that nothing last. The physical world is not durable. It’s pliable. It moves and breaths before our eyes. If we take the time to look at it, the illusions all dissolve. We didn’t get that promotion so we could impress our friends, take that vacation, or buy that car. Those were the outcomes of that reality. They were not the purpose. Perhaps we created it to learn to value ourselves more than the money. Maybe we created it to learn to stand in our own power and not compromise. Possibly we created it to show ourselves we never really needed it in the first place. More than likely, we created it for all of those reasons and a billion others. One thing is guaranteed, it will never be the reasons we thought.

When we start to look at our realities, the veil is lifted. The realities we create are a study within themselves. Why is ownership of them so scary? We are the creator of our realities, every single one of them. That’s a lot of power to have. The buck really does stop here. That can be a daunting place for a while. There is no one to blame. No one to be angry at. No one to run to. We created the entire thing. What’s the biggest epiphany of them all? The moment we realize our most “catastrophic” realities were our most inspired creations. How funny is that?


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