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Embodying Your Inner Vision

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Inner vision is a curious resource. On some level we know it is there, waiting for us to take notice. Most of the time we don’t see what it is trying to show us. Our outer vision blinds us to its wisdom, distracting us with mundane perceptions. Nuisances actually, that don’t tell us much about the true essence of things. Outer vision witnesses an illusion. Inner vision pierces through the illusion unfolding around us. Curiously with all this information at our finger tips, we put our confidence in superficial sight.

What you see is rarely what you get. The eyes are not really the windows to the soul. And seeing should never be believing. The eyes as we know them don’t show us anything more than our world’s exterior structure. Inner vision explores why we created it in the first place. It’s a space that knows every outcome to every choice we will ever make. It transcends both space and time, operating outside of both to yield instant answers to all of our questions.

Why then do we tend to rely more on our outer vision? It is limited in its ability to perceive more than the basic components of all things. It only shows us the outer appearance of a situation. Inner vision unmask the energy behind its creation. But for all its brilliance, it goes unnoticed by most. Perhaps it is because society as a whole has lost touch with its language. Inner vision communicates through dreams, symbols, synchronicities, feelings and thoughts. Unlike outer vision, it doesn’t have a solid presence of existence in the beginning. It starts with a whisper. A quite presence that observe all experiences, intruding on none.

It follows a paramount code of conduct to respect freedom of choice. Inner vision doesn’t force its impressions on us. It exposes us to them. The rest is up to us. The more we embody our inner vision the more literal its communication becomes. It’s ready to expand our awareness beyond ordinary sight. We have all worn blinders at some point in our life. We have ignored what was in plain sight placating to our outer vision. We have looked at our world though a pin hole, surrounded by blind spots. We are all guilty of it. Those times are over. It’s time to focus on our true vision, the one that never plays tricks on us.


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