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Discover Your True Character

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities that are distinctive to an individual. But are those qualities really that distinct? Humanity as a whole shares many similarities and value systems. What then separates us from others? Perhaps it is the standards we place on our values, which are constantly oscillating as we go through life.  The question then becomes, what are we allowing to define our standards? Is it our human or our soul? The human aspect will avoid, procrastinate, disrespect and withhold honor if left to its own devices. We can’t trust our human, something has to keep it in check.

This theory leads to the conclusion that the soul is the boss. It holds a sacred respect, honor, wisdom and love that spans across dimensions.  It is not battling our human but guiding it toward the highest path of consciousness.  We might ask if this is true, why we don’t have everything we want in life. Why are we struggling with relationships, careers and other life situations? The answer is, “why are we?” The light of our soul is always guiding us toward our highest state of awareness. The question is are we functioning from that place. Do we allow our human aspect to get in the way? Always looking for an easier road, not listening to the inner knowledge found inside.  At times acting irrational, repeating the same mistakes time and time again expecting different results.

The soul speaks to us through our intuitive senses. Our soul lets us know through dreams, feelings, insights and urges what is in alignment with our highest purposes. The more we disconnect from our human aspect, allowing our intuition to override its rantings, the better we are. The human’s beliefs are based on a foundation that is illogical. The human fights to stay in unhappy relationships, crappy jobs and unhealthy situations due to its ego. The ego is the human’s most dangerous friend, goading it to do the most insane things to gain acceptance from other ego driven individuals.

The soul has no feelings regarding these matters, honoring the human’s choices. It patiently waits, knowing that one day the human will become so traumatized that it will break. That is when true enlightenment occurs. While the human aspect is doubled over in the fetal position, the soul steps out from behind the curtain. This is when the magic begins.  We start to live our life as souls, listening to our intuition, following the path of least resistance. The flow of our life is restored. Peace is found. We no longer care what others do, think or want. We require honor, respect, and integrity from ourselves and others. Our bodies operate from a place of exquisite silence, tapping into the energy of all things.

One might ask, what is our human doing? Well inevitably it recovers and wants to command the ship again. Sometimes we slip back into that, allowing the entire episode to repeat, calling fourth a more catastrophic ending.  But there comes a time when we say no.  For our intuitive journey has begun, unearthing the true essence of us. We seem to have hit a tipping point where going back serves no purpose or interest anymore. Our true character is finally shining through, bringing with it heightened awareness and unlimited possibilities. We might still hear our human’s chatter but we don’t listen. We finally recognize our human for what it is, a character flaw, best left behind.


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