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Intuition and Athletic Performance: Beyond Mindfulness

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Some people perceive intuition as a state of mind.  The state that gives birth to insight, urges, and revelation where expansive awareness awakens.  That moment in time where everything comes to a stop and the mind turns inward.  Sometimes, there is a pristine attention to the present moment, a relaxed state of consciousness.  We all have the ability to find this space. Sometimes by circumstance we find ourselves there, in life threatening moments where the past and future dissolve. Other times we put ourselves there, to feel a more connected state. This is not a place for only the mystics and the spiritual masters, it is a place for all.  Where do we look to find humans living in this state? It is probably not where you think. It’s the football field in the fall. The hockey arena in the winter. The basketball court in the spring. The baseball field in the summer.  Elite athletes arrive in this place, normally without even realizing it.

That is probably not the answer expected but keep reading.  Let’s backtrack for a moment and talk about the human brain. The brain has nerve cells that fire electrical impulses forming different brainwave patterns.  These unique patterns are connected to our thoughts, moods, emotions, and overall states of consciousness.

There are four different types of brain waves that are widely studied: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Beta waves are the fastest associated with our fully alert logical mind. This is our busier linear mind, contracted and restricted in conscious awareness. Alpha waves are slower associated with our feeling mind.  Alpha is characterized by a more relaxed attentiveness and expanded consciousness where high performance states are attainable.  Theta and Delta are the most expansive states with the slowest brain waves associated with deep meditation, self-reflection, dreaming, and deep sleep healing states.

Sometimes the mind plays tricks on us, making us assume that most elite athletes would be in a hyper state, producing logic Beta brain waves.  It seems counter intuitive that when it matters most and unbelievable performance is required, they are in a state of acute awareness, producing Alpha brain waves. Some of the greatest scientific minds might argue why this is, but it seems simple when you think about it. The super natural normally exist right in front of our nose. Perhaps it is the detail to the present moment that heightens their awareness. Some players call it “being in the zone.” Others say that the game “slows down” enabling them to find the flow of the game.

The phenomenon that existed under the radar for years is now mainstream. The most elite teams are now in a quest to maximize the “Alpha Brain State.” Mindfulness practices have been established by some of the most success sports franchises. The best of the best are practicing visualization and breathing techniques to achieve that competitive edge. The question is, is there a space beyond that? We have only scratched the surface on what is attainable in these states.  Programs that expand consciousness beyond the ordinary are the next step.

All activities that enhance Alpha Brain waves will play a part.  Expanding “Alpha Brain” off the playing field makes it easier to achieve these heightened states of consciousness during game time. Programs focusing on intuition, dream states, and vibrational awareness will expand player’s consciousness beyond the norm. Players have been reaching these states unintentionally for years. Enhancing their consciousness, creativity, imagination, and focus will bring about a new super athlete where mind training is as paramount as physical training.  Heightened intuitive states in sports will bring about a dawning of a new era.  The “Intuitive Era”, which will not only enhance athletic performance but bring higher states of consciousness off the field, leading to a more joyful peaceful place when the game is over.


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