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Allowing Things to Go Quietly into the Night

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

There is a moment when we know something is over. Our best friend is moving across country. The person we crushed on is getting engaged. A person we love dies. It’s a split second of acknowledgement that a timeline is closing out. A karmic debt has been paid. We are now free to move on. It doesn’t have to be sadness attached to it. Though it sometimes is. Once we work through the emotions of the ending, we need to acknowledge an important truth. It’s time to turn the page.

The only thing that holds us back is us. Our human doesn’t like endings. Even if they are accompanied by the most exquisite backdrop. It wants to hold on to that person, place or thing, physically or energetically. It doesn’t want the timeline to end. It wants to stay in that moment and not allow the next moment to come. It’s ironic that all things must end. Even timelines we enjoyed come to a climax at some point. They change. That is the state of matter. It’s always in motion. Our realities were never meant to stay fixed. We change so they change to mirror us. Whether we played the lover, mother, friend, sister or husband role, that part of our story is over.

The soul has fulfilled an agreement. Those contracts have been paid in full and now other timelines will be entering. New experiences with new people or different aspect of the same people. That experience cut through another layer of our “stuff” and now our soul and their soul seek another experience. Our vibration can’t hold the old timeline in place anymore. It won’t support it. Well, it won’t support it organically.

We have two choices in these situations. We can hold on. We can try to keep realities going but we will notice they drain us. Something that supported us will now take away from our energy of creation. That’s when pain and suffering occur. We know intuitively when something has peaked and is now winding down. On a deeper level, we know when and ending is on the horizon. It’s what we do in those moments that will propel us to the next moment. It is our choice to open up to the new or cling to the old.

The new experience is what our soul guides us too. If we try to hold on to the old, we will be dragged through the energetic mud and the entire timeline will collapse. Normally, that is not pleasant. We don’t have to go that way. If we look back at every harsh ending in our lives, we will find there was a point, where we could have let it fade naturally. The energy was gone. The constructs to that reality were starting to flicker. It never had to be difficult. We didn’t want to acknowledge the ending and take the time to grieve. We ignored our innate sense of closure. We didn’t want to admit that the ride was over.

Nature leads the way. Fall does not fight the coming of winter. Winter does not battle spring for dominance. It’s a delicate act of surrender as a new phase begins. An acknowledgement that every new moment brings us another chance to be magnificent. A graduation to another level of our journey here. It’s a time to pat ourselves on the back for the space we created. It’s a time to appreciate everyone that was in the experience with us. It’s a time to get excited about the new moments.

Our human thinks there is only one reality. There is only one aspect of a person. It doesn’t embrace the natural cycles of life. The possibilities that come with the birth of a new reality are only limited by us. It doesn’t mean we lose everything. It means we shed things that will not support us in our next phase. Trusting in the process is key. When we take an honest look at what is fading out, we will see that in some ways is was becoming unfulfilling. It wasn’t as inspiring as it once was. If it was still inspiring, it would not be ending.

Graduation Day normally comes with tears. But there is also an excitement to the unknown. A little gleam in our eyes. Don’t believe the human perspective and cling to something out of fear. That is an up-hill battle that defies the laws of nature. That is not the road for us. It doesn’t matter what it “costs us” to surrender to an ending. The only thing that matters is that the ending is here and celebrations are in order.


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