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A Journey to Trust

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability and truth of something. It seems simple enough, finding the ability to believe. In truth, it’s not that simple. It takes time to develop trust with something. Even the tangible things are not easy to believe in. People, situations, and ideals constantly let us down as we ebb and flow through life. What we thought we can trust we don’t anymore. After a while, trust becomes a four-letter word that we shutter to speak. It feels energetically charged with promises from the past and future misuses. In the midst of all that noise, how are we to trust in something we can’t see? Maybe we aren’t supposed too.

Intuition is us. That’s the white elephant in the room. It is not somewhere else. It is not someone else. It is right here inside of us. It glares at us morning, noon, and night. Intuition is not the human us. That’s a mess to say the least. It’s the higher aspects of us. The soul pieces that we scattered though our existent. Every time we put trust in the outside world, we lost a piece. We left them behind with lovers and friends as we passively navigated through our journey. Yes, our fragmented soul looks back at us in the mirror. Sometimes it’s just a glimmer left. But don’t worry, there is all ways something left, waiting for us to call the rest home.

Trust should be defined as believing in something regardless of its physical presence. That is the essence of the word. Trusting in our partner, job, or retirement plan is an empty use of the word. It feels like we are lazy to trust in those things. Perhaps we can hope that those items leave us with something at the end. Trust should feel deeper than that. It’s a core stance that we will be safe no matter what happens. No matter how much of our soul is left to shine, it will show the way. It will show us the path of least resistance. Normally, it is never the road we thought.

The people we thought would be there won’t be. The people we thought would never be part of our bigger story are in starring roles. The biggest debacles will be our academy award winning moments. That is the truth. Everything is upside down and inside out. Trust in ourselves is the hardest thing to do. No one to blame if we get disappointed. In truth, we judge ourselves harder than anyone else could. We know what we are capable of. We know when we didn’t trust our soul self. That is a hard pill to shallow no matter how we sugar coat it.

Intuition and our soul are the same thing. One is the mouth piece for the other, speaking the truth regardless of what we want to here. We hear it. No matter how soft the whisper is. Trust doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Maybe we shouldn’t trust what we can’t see. The truth is we can see it. We just don’t want to. It’s in the mirror. It reflects back to us in all of our interactions. An intuitive journey has to be based-on trust. There is no other way to walk into a higher version of ourselves if we don’t have it. For some funny reason, it’s a profound leap to trust in our soul self. It’s easier to give it away to lack luster things and keep piling up the disappointments. It’s time to bring the energy of trust back home where it belongs.


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