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Dissolving the Illusion of Time

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Time has been described as many things: fast, slow, kind and cruel. It’s been labeled the great equalizer, undefeated in the arena of life. Sometimes we feel it’s on our side. Other times we feel lost in it. There are times we felt it waited for no one, marching to the beat of its own drum. Whether it be friend or foe, time seems to be what we make of it. A simple perception that plays in our mind.  If we are unhappy with our current relationship with time, perhaps this is the moment to redefine it.

What are the aspects of time? The past, present and future are points in time, but is that a limitation of our mind.  Is it possible to live in a reality of no time – where we are ageless, detached from the constraints imprisoning us?  Let’s say we stop playing in the game of time, dissolving all its aspects in to the present moment.  Would this allow the cells in our body to dissolve the program of aging, releasing the separation of time from our cellular memory? Could this possibly be a portal to the mystical Fountain of Youth?

The ramifications of this would be far reaching, implying people caught up in time loops, focusing on regrets of the past and fear of the future would age prematurely. Perhaps, we need to conduct our own experiment of this theory, raising awareness of these patterns in our self and others.

If our perception truly shapes reality, then we can expand our mind beyond time. What are our beliefs on time? What feelings come up in our body when we think about time? Do we truly get better at something, completing it faster or are we merely in flow with the present moment releasing fears about the task itself? For in those moments, are we allowing ourselves to operate outside of time?  

Our mind plays tricks on us and the illusion of time is the biggest trick of all. We define ourselves by it, curse it and saddening when it slips away; but in the end we just want more of it. No matter our relationship with the entity of time, we have the capability to transcend it. Remember, time can only play its game if we agree to it. When we empower ourselves to stop playing the game, the reign of time is over.


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