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In this 3 session (over 7 1/2 Hours) recorded discussion, we tap into our mastery.  We can't allow our ego to convince us that we are not ready/capable of mastering our realities. Mastery is a state of consciousness. It takes everything we have (for a while) to hold our highest natural state of purity. Join me for this journey as we delve into the depths of our human programming to remember how truly powerful we are. 


It's time to rediscover/activate our mastery and STOP playing/pretending to conform to our human ego realities. 


Topic To Discuss:
•    Reclaiming our power/reasons we fear it
•    Breaking down human/ego programming to reconstruct our reality 
•    Increasing our awareness on when we go small/dim our light
•    Tips to return to peace/love inside. 
•    Closing out karmic timelines and not creating new ones
•    Raising our body vibration to anchor in new realities

•    Taking command of our realities and recognizing when we are going small/settling for less/compromising on a soul level
•    And much more!


Please note: There are no refunds on courses. All of our teachings are on a multidimensional and cellular level. Sometimes the results are not visible immediately. The more your connection expands, the more these courses will continue to work/support your ascension process.

Mastery Class: Soul Embodiment

  • This course is offered in an m4a format. For personal activation and expansion only. Please hold respect for those participating and sharing. No Public Sharing.

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