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In this 2-hour interactive course we will venture into the dream space. 

Dreams are activities of the soul.  Dreams are the first glimpse/key to our vast soul map. They are an inner compose to what we are facing, about to face or avoiding. 


Our human/ego aspect dismiss this power state insisting it is nonsensical often ignoring the “warning light” that is bellowing. Over time we lose the connection and our capabilities are reduced. 


The eyes are not windows into our soul. Dreams are. They are a limitless conduit where our multidimensional selves are accessible.  Our dream space allows our higher consciousness to expand to frequencies where vast intelligence/guidance can be found.

Dreams are as real as our waking state and deserve the highest honor. Remember if we are more conscious in our dream state, we are more conscious in all our states. 


Topics to Discuss:
•    Ways to re-awaken this state
•    Lucid Dreaming (Dream Re-entry)
•    Enhanced viewing of alternate realities and parallel timelines
•    Clearing karmic timelines
•    Anchoring in new realities while asleep 
•    Myths about nightmares
•    Shared Dreaming
•    Clearing grief/letting go 
•    Is it possible to “timestamp” dreams?
•    Understanding how the waking and dream states start to merge /flip
•    Gaining clarity of repeating dreams 
•    Understand possible “warning” dreams and enhancing our connection with others
•    How our dream state shifts during our ascension journey
•    And much more! 


Please note: There are no refunds on courses. All of our teachings are on a multidimensional and cellular level. Sometimes the results are not visible immediately. The more your connection expands, the more these courses will continue to work/support your ascension process.

Empowered Dreaming Course

  • This course is offered in an m4a format. For personal activation and expansion only. Please hold respect for those participating and sharing. No Public Sharing.

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