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In this 3-hour recorded interactive discussion, we examine the relationships we built. 


Relationships are a massive part of our consciousness journey. They show us something about ourselves, mirroring back a part of us.  As we expand our consciousness, we are shown what is aligned on a soul level and what is not. Join us as we break our old relationship beliefs/programming and remember what purity is.


Topic To Discuss:
•    Breaking Cords of Attachment 
•    How/Who We Invest Our Energy In
•    Where We Compromise/Go Small To Be With Others
•    Difference of Human Respect/Sacred Respect
•    Sexual Energy vs Creation Energy
•    Transcending Human Relationships From Our Purest Place 
•    And much more!


Please note: There are no refunds on courses. All of our teachings are on a multidimensional and cellular level. Sometimes the results are not visible immediately. The more your connection expands, the more these courses will continue to work/support your ascension process.


Building Soul Partnerships Course

  • This course is offered in an m4a format. For personal activation and expansion only. Please hold respect for those participating and sharing. No Public Sharing.

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