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In this 3 1/2 hour recorded group discussion, we examine the world we built. Physical realities are a combination of energy. Their creation is an alchemical process. Physical matter takes form as a vibrational response, to our own consciousness/unconsciousness frequencies. This course is focused on simplified understandings on how to access our natural gifts to decode/deconstruct/rebuild our realities.


As humans we look at the outside world and won't believe that we created it! We did and the reasons are held within our cellular memory, human and higher consciousness DNA. It is time to take our power back and see/own what is ours, others and the collectives. We need to see our illusions, distortions and cellular programing. Come explore and discover ways to shift.


Topic Discussed:

• Detecting energetic programs/loops

• Reading/Seeing/Understanding the Energy of Programs

• Transforming, Shifting, Tuning 

• Intentionally creating our realities from within

• And much more!


Please note: There are no refunds on courses. All of our teachings are on a multidimensional and cellular level. Sometimes the results are not visible immediately. The more your connection expands, the more these courses will continue to work/support your ascension process.

Building Soul Aligned Realities Course

  • This course is offered in an m4a format. For personal activation and expansion only. Please hold respect for those participating and sharing. No Public Sharing.

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