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Why We Revisit the Old

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

It happens to all of us. The choice was made. We adamantly decided we would never put ourselves through “that” again. We care to much about ourselves to compromise and settle for less. The lessons were learned. The mission was complete. We are ready to create something new. At least it looks new through our physical eyes. Unfortunately, our physical eyesight plays tricks on us. It sees a new “package” and tries to convince us that it’s not the same. Fortunately, are energetic eyes don’t lie. They see the same energy signature coming through the new form. Damn it. It’s the same. This is disheartening to say the least. Especially, when we are working so hard to clear these energies out of our field of consciousness. Sometimes we feel the cycle can’t be broken.

A few myths to debunk. We never go back. We can’t do this wrong. Our journey within ourselves is a maze of realities to rummage through. It’s true that our human programming runs deep. In times like this, it causes us to play the guilt, blame and shame game. In retrospect, revisiting the old energies of lack of power, respect and honor can show us how far we have come. Are we truly done with “that?” Are we really ready to collapse that reality as soon as we see the old imbalances playing out? Are we willing to leave the reality if we can’t align it? The answers will show us if we are truly done with “that.”

We don’t want to learn those lessons again. Why are they back then? There are a billion reasons why we see these things again. Breaking old energies takes many times of saying no. It can test our patience and sometimes our sanity. When we are no longer willing to compromise ourselves, our realities get easy. Once we stop making our life harder so someone else’s life can be easier, we learn the true essence of soul respect.

The old energies show us many things. They are a testament to our progress. It’s shocking to look at the distortions of our unconscious creations. The distortions become so loud it is hard to ignore them. It does, however, make them easier to dismiss. They might break in pieces, but with persistent they will break. Then we can shift into our next realities. The ones that are built on foundations that will last. Discernment is the key. We should never second guess ourselves when we feel the old energies creeping back in. Intuitively, we know when the reality moves out of alignment. Don’t judge them. Recognize them for what they are, remits of the old, a rite of passage to the new.

Reentering any reality built on the shaky foundations of the old is unwise. The question is not “if “it will collapse on top of us. The question is “when” will it come tumbling down. These moments mark the fork in the road. Which way do we want to go?


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