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Intuition: Why it Appears Illusive?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Intuition can feel veiled in illusion and mystical presence. It’s as if there is an impenetrable barrier between us. Is it really that simple or is the line blurred? Intuition appears to floats outside of us, waiting for the opening to be welcomed back home again. But is it truly that illusive? Only stepping in after we jump into another karmic mess? The answer lies within each of us. We can choose to keep the relationship at arm’s length. Sometimes asking for forgiveness instead of permission seems easier. Intuition will always grants us some sort of reprieve but eventually we grow weary of this arrangement.

We design the imaginary distance between us and our intuition. We keep it “somewhere” else because we don’t want to be accountable to it.

Intuition represents our highest states of consciousness. It is us in our purist form, not tainted by human wants, needs, or desires. It pushes us toward empowerment beyond anything our human aspect can imagine. That sounds like a marriage made in heaven. What’s the underlying issue then? If intuition wants only our most amazing realities why don’t we walk hand in hand? Fear keeps us from exploring our intuitive selves. We fear judgement, loss and higher knowledge. The human ego does not propel us toward consciousness. It prefers safe limited realities.

The human ego is not our enemy. It’s the child that doesn’t want to grow up. It plays out our doubts, judgments and fears. Ego teaches us what not to do. It’s the childhood companion that gets us into trouble. In the short term, it’s easier to follow our ego, then stand on our own. It fulfills our human needs for acceptance and belonging. We might be in misery together, but at least we are not alone. The most ironic part is, when we follow our ego, we are alone. We have separated off from our true selves. That’s why something is always missing, “floating” out there somewhere, out of reach. We try to fill the space with other things. In the end, we come up empty.

Our intuition was never far away. It was waiting for us to call it home. We allowed it to hoover outside of us. That was our choice. We made it that barely audible whisper. The shimmer in the dark. The tiny glimmer in our eye. Our human aspect did not want to listen to the guidance. The ego hates to have its world messed with. No matter its current state. Growing up can be a challenge. It takes everything we have to let go of the human state and strive for something else. The existence that intuition offers is beyond limits and restrictions. Its complete freedom and endless possibilities. In our purist form we are whole and complete by ourselves.

The choice was always ours. We can let intuition remain separate from us, tapping into it for brief periods when things go sideways. It can remain out there somewhere or we can make another decision. Intuition can be brought inside. Embodying our higher states of awareness is life changing. It’s a journey unparalleled to all others. It takes courage to tell our human aspect to stand down. In the end, it’s the tipping point. Life will change and the journey will be different than we thought. Our intuition will lead us toward perception beyond our wildest imagination. We finally have the companion we have been seeking. It was inside all along. We created the illusion of separation and it can be dissolved in any moment.


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