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The Body Connection

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Intuition has been called a “gut feeling.” That nagging presence that energetically points us in one direction. It was always pushing us toward something better than before. Sometimes we listened and sometimes we didn’t. No matter the path we chose we knew intuition was there somewhere. Sometimes we felt it strongly in the body other times it seemed outside somewhere, beyond our grasp.  Whether it was a whisper on the wind or a knot in the stomach, it was there. Our job was to recognize it. The question is what happens if we don’t?

Pain is defined as physical suffering. Is that really what pain is? We associate it with a diagnosis so we can understand it. We label it. We allow pain to pattern our lives. Sometimes giving up things we love because our bodies are no longer able to accommodate. We listen to others who offer remedies for wellness. Sometimes we listen to others so much we forget to ask the most knowledgeable resource, ourselves. When our bodies are in physical discomfort we look for a reason. Maybe we don’t need one. The quest for the diagnosis is a fruitless endeavor. In the end, the road leads nowhere.

Let’s change our perception of pain. Intuition is always leading us toward a higher state of consciousness, aiding us in the navigation of our outer world. Why would our inner world be different? Everything starts inside of us. The outside is a projection of what we hold inside. Why wouldn’t intuition be purging our body too? Roadblocks that need to be obliterated so we can experience awesome realities.  We then shift out of the victim mentality of pain to a more expanded awareness of what it actually is.  Pain is physically discomfort. It is also the expansion of our consciousness. We are upgrading our bodies.

When we embrace a process, freedom is found. When we are not defined by an illness, we embody our true power.  There is no more looking for answers. The body is a vessel that holds our intuitive presence. It is the vehicle we choose for this journey. We honor it and it honors us. Pain is an energetic clearing process, no more than that. We can create fear around it and prolong it.  Or we can get excited about it and support the body however it feels appropriate for us. The choice is ours.


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